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Support Photographie Toile de Fond ( 6m de Large x 3m de Haut)

  • €187 | SKU : BST-WT-63-000

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Réduction Spéciale

It is the widest backdrop support system that is sturdy, stable with 3 tripods as base stand. The stand is lightweight made from metal alloy with smooth black coated finish.  It supports paper, cloth, muslin and vinyl backdrops. This support system is suitable for home, professional studios and traveling mobile photographers.

The backdrop support system had adjustable height and the crossbars could be reduced for a minimum width of 1.8m or 6ft. The constituent assembly can be accommodated in a carry bag to carry easily for outdoor location shoots.

  • Width: Max. 6m or 20ft and Min. 1.8m or 6ft
  • Height: Max. 3m or 9ft and Min. 1.2m or 4ft
3 x Tripods
7 x crossbars
1 x carry bag

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