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Sol Lumière Softbox 70Cm X 110Cm


  • €127 HT
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Floor Light Softbox
The Floor Light Soft box is a low level 70 x 110cm floor softbox. Use it with your mounted flash head or monolight as a fill light to bring out the detail in shadow areas (under your subject's chin and around the eyes).

The floor soft box has an 'H' frame support which positions it at a 35° angle, eliminating the need for an additional light stand. The softbox features a 2-stop front diffusion layer and an internal baffle for even more softening.

  • Integrated Flash Head Bracket 
  • Allows full control over the amount of fill light 
  • Light from your mounted flash hits an angled reflector inside and that light is bounced back up toward your subject.
1 x Floor Light Softbox 70 x 110cm



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