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Quartz 1000W Continuous Studio Light Equipment

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Quartz 1000W Continuous Studio Light Equipment is specially designed for video and photography shoots. It is used for Studio Lighting to provide totally-variable bright intensity yellow light for shooting videos, you tube videos, short documentaries, TV shoots, indoor movies etc. This light delivers variable continuous light with 100% accurate colour rendition throughout the full output spectrum.

Most popular solid colour backdrops are Solid White backdrop, Solid Black backdrop and Chroma Green backdrop.

Quartz 1000W Continuous Studio Light (QL1000) is ‚¬œONE Light that can do it all‚¬? Video, Still Photography, movies, and digital films. Perfect for indoor video productions, digital studios, chroma key studios. This light can be used in combination with softboxes or umbrellas to get shadow less light that will wrap around the subject.

You will no longer require multiple lights of varying output power, because the QL 1000s have fully-variable output. You can focus full 1000 powerful watts or gently caress your subject with 50 watts with turn of a knob. Now you can have the right amount of light as you need. These lights give us the unbridled control every photographer needs to be as creative as possible.

This light may be used all day, since it is cooled by a fan. The overheat protection will work immediately if the temperature inside reaches temperatures greater than 200 degrees F, protecting the fuse, the bulb and the rest of the light's internal systems.
‚¬¢    1000 watts of power
‚¬¢    Variable Power control
‚¬¢    Fan Cooler: Automatic built in cooling fan
‚¬¢    Fits any light stand
‚¬¢    Quick Release Lock Collar (3 7/8" Bowens type) to easily attach accessories like Snoot, Softbox etc
‚¬¢    Overheat protection
‚¬¢    Protective cap
‚¬¢    Power Input : AC 220 - 240 at 50-60Hz
‚¬¢    Light power : 1000W
‚¬¢    Fan Cooler : Mini Fan (built in)
‚¬¢    Thermo Limit : 90° C
‚¬¢    Power Setting : 1/16 to Full
‚¬¢    Beam Width : 55°
‚¬¢    Bulb Base : G-9 two pin
‚¬¢    Color Temp : 3200K
‚¬¢    Fuse : 15A
‚¬¢    Dimensions: 5.3" x 5" x 4"
‚¬¢    Weight :1.65 Kg
1 x Quartz 1000W Continuous Studio Light
1 x 1000w Quartz Bulb
1 x Fuse 1 x Power Cable

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