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Produit de base Kit Photographie Équipement d'éclairage

SKU : PPK-BP-00-000

  • €235 HT
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Basic Product Photography Lighting Equipment Kit is ideal to shoot products with 12" x 12" dimensions. The kit is simple to setup with its constituents of light cube, 6" Dome reflector light and 2ft Mini stand. The light tent is a translucent fabric box which helps in diffusing the direct and indirect light to offer balanced light. The light stand can be easily adjusted to focus the 6" reflector light on the light cube. The acrylic riser provides elevation on a transparent surface to guide light as per requirement.

    16" Light Tent Cube - Photography Product Equipment is famous in the field of photography as people want to sell their products through websites. Light tents are ideal for taking high quality photography even for an amateur. Light tents are made of translucent fabric, durable, neutral color to surround your product in soft light. The fabric diffuses lighting also from all sides, including the top and bottom. Tent light makes product photography easy.

    Studio Light 0.6m tall stand is used in both studio and product photography. It is ideally used for tungsten light, flash, strobe or monolight, etc.This is a lightweight 2ft tall sturdy light stand for illuminating the background. The stand is designed with black aluminum tubing and easy grip knobs.

    100W Photography 6" Dome Fluorescent Reflector Light is high quality metal reflector with heat resistant socket. It can be turned off and on by the switch, mounted on the extra long power cord. The inside of the reflector is coated with a reflective luminous coating. The efficient parabolic design delivers a narrow, bright beam of light with intense shadows and high contrast. It's a must for sheer power light output and prevents stress. This is a good general purpose direct reflector with an even coverage and moderately high in contrast. The stippled surface ensures a smooth and even light distribution. The reflector is removable which allows for low cost bulb replacement. This light is used as modifier to create even lighting effects. Reflectors with the light source as 25W bulb direct or shape the scattered light. It emits 5500K of white light perfect for lighting products. In photography, reflectors are fixed to a light source to direct or shape the scattered light towards the object to be photographed. Reflectors are excellent way to achieve professional lighting effect. Photography reflectors have specialized surface to reflect light towards a subject or scene both in photography and cinematography often used to create dramatic lighting effects. 

    16" Light Tent Cube
    • Dimensions 40cm x 40cm x 40cm
    • Made of translucent white nylon
    Studio Light 0.6m tall stand
    • Min Height - 1.25ft (0.38m)
    • Max height - 2ft(0.61m)
    • Tube Diameter: 23.5mm
    • Net Weight: 520g
    • Max. Loading Weight: 2.5kg
    • Folded Height: 390mm
    100W Photography 6" Dome Fluorescent Reflector Light
    • Colour Tone: Daylight
    • Temperature: 5500K
    • Application: Video, Outdoor Photo
    • Power Consumption: 25 Watt
    • Power cable: 2m
    • Dome Diameter: 6"
    • Holder : E27 (Edison)
    1 x Light Tent Cube 40cm x 40cm
    2 x Studio Tent 0.6m Tall Stand
    2 x Photography 6" Dome Reflector Light
    2 x 25W Fluorescent Spiral Bulb
    1 x White & Black Acrylic Panel



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