Studio Photographie Maquillage Dimmable 18 Pouces (90 w) Led Circle Ring Light lampe (Pour Vidéos en Direct)

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The Luminous Ringlight is a versatile light source, great for both photography and video applications. Whether you need a smooth on-axis fill light or want to achieve the perfect catch light in your model’s eyes, this low-heat, noiseless LED light will fulfill your needs. The soft, even light characteristics make it ideal for glamour shots and key light applications, smoothing out skin imperfections and enhancing the overall look of your model’s skin tone.The diffused front makes close-in shots easier on the subject’s eyes. A large rear LCD display allows for easy adjustments of power and color temperature. The included remote control accessory allows the user to control the light settings from anywhere on set, which is especially useful for users operating the light from the front, for vlogging or self-portraits.

With No Shadow apertures, is essentially a boon for Photo-Video shoots at No Electrical Power supply spots.Works on both on AC & DC power. . Also ideal for Make-up artists & Fashion photographers. Perfect light to shoot Interviews, Food/ Product shots, V-logs, Documentaries & much more. Can mount it to a grip head or light stand as per need. It has Stepless Adjustment for color Temperature to maintain products tone or create fine subject details.

  • Suitable for : Indoor Video/ Product Shoots
  • Applications : Vlog, Product Photography, LIVE Videos
  • AC input 100-240V (includes US, UK and EU Plug adapters)
  • LED Bulbs 900 pcs
  • Outer Diameter 18 in / 45.3 cm
  • Total Power 90W
  • Color Temperature 3200-5800K
  • Dimmable Stepless dimming
  • Dimming range 1%-100%
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index) >90
  • Total illumination 4200LM
  • Adapter Universal
  • Battery model NP-F970(Not In the Package)
  • Power 48 Watt
  • AC input suitable for 220v
  • Package weight about 5.5kg
    • 1 x 90w LED Ring Light
    • 1 x Foldable Light Stand 
    • 1 x Metal Flexible Arm 
    • 1 x Power Cable
    • 1 x Mini Ball Head 
    • 1 x Phone Holder
    • 1 x Bag 

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