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Kit de lampe vidéo à DEL bicolore 1000W à 2 têtes avec sortie DMX et fond vert

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Réduction Spéciale

Chroma Key Green Screen Photo Backdrop is must for computer generated imagery of chroma editing of video productions. The chroma backdrop is made from rich quality nonreflective cotton that creates a smooth green screen. For digital photography, chroma key green backdrops are useful for background editing. The green colored muslin backdrop is the preferred cloth and has been scientifically colour matched for digital photography.

Most popular solid colour backdrops are Solid White backdrop, Solid Black backdrop and Chroma Green backdrop.

Pro 1000W LED Dimmable Video Photography Panel Light is an effective bright 1000 ultra bright, 5500K LED Panel and has an equivalent output of 1000 watts of incandescent light. The 5500K daylight balanced LEDs offer a full spectrum, beautifully soft light. LED lights off significantly further "throw" than a comparable fluorescent light. This is because each of the 1000 LED lights has a 30 degree beam angle lens that directs light forward. This beam angle creates a beam pattern that is useful from 1 - 15 feet. LED lights are ideal for location work because they are virtually shockproof and offer the brightest light in the smallest form factor.

Photography Backdrop Stable Base Stand (3M Wide X 3M Tall) is 3m wide with a maximum height of 3m collapsible to 1.2m. It is a sturdy stand made for studio and outdoor use for aiding wedding photography, creating youtube videos, documentary shoots, face to face interviews etc. It can hold and support canvas muslin backdrops, vinyl backgrounds, paper backdrops etc. with ease. Quick to dismantle and assemble for swift pack ups.

2.6m Tall Studio Light Accessory Stand has application in both studio and product photography. It is the most commonly used accessory for mounting tungsten light, flash or strobe or monolight, red light and other light heads for a steady focus. The actual weight is very less, with easy handling for back lighting subject or lighting the background. The stand is designed with black aluminum tubing and easy grip knobs.
Chroma key Green
  • 100% cotton professional quality
  • Seamless, made from one piece
  • 3" rod pocket for quick hanging
  • Sewn finish on all sides
  • Easily release wrinkles with flat warm iron or steam while hanging
  • Easy to clean with wet sponge or soft hand wash
  • For smooth wrinkle free display against backdrop stand or wall horizontal rods use backdrop clips

Pro 1000W LED Dimmable Video Photography Panel Light

  • Ultra Bright 1000 LED 5500K panel
  • 2 variable output dimmer switches for adjustable output 0% to 100%
  • Mounting: vertical / horizontal
  • Power output : equivalent of 1000 watts incandescent light
  • LED's in 5500K, 60 degree beam angle
  • 5500K LEDs offer daylight balanced beautiful soft light spectrum
  • LED lights offer significant further "throw" compared to an equivalent fluorescent light. Each of the 1000 LED lights has a 30 degree beam angle lens that directs light forward
  • beam angle creates a pattern usable from 1 to 15 feet
  • metal casing
  • 3 Pin PC cord from 220V to 240V 
2 x Pro 1000W LED Dimmable Video Photography Panel Light
2 x 2.6m Tall Studio Light Accessory Stand
1 x Chroma Key Green Screen Photo Backdrop (3m x 6m)
1 x Photography Backdrop Stable Base Stand (3m Wide X 3m Tall)
1 x Studio Bag

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