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Gants Chroma Key Green - Une Paire

  • €39 | SKU : BST-CG-00-000

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Réduction Spéciale

Chromakey Green Screen Gloves add special and magical effects to your videos and images. Whether you puppeteer an animatronic device or character, it's no problem to "disappear" on-set with a Chroma Key Video Green Gloves. These green gloves allow the photographers to take interesting and creative pictures which could be easily edited to add some amazing effects in them. Green screen gloves are the secret behind the tricks performed in movies which makes a person disappear so that they look even interesting.The photographers can use their creativity and imagination to make the gloves photography look exciting. A photography accessory for both amateur and professional photographers.

There is a vivid collection of photography backdrops available in uk.

  • One Pair (2 gloves)
  • Premium quality fabric
  • These gloves extend between the elbow and the shoulder for a fuller effect
  • The fabric stretches and breathes for convenience and comfort.
  • Stretchable material to allow easy flexibility and mobility of hands
  • Fit all sizes
  • Multi-purposed
  • The gloves are comfortable and can be worn for hours during shoots.
  • These photography gloves are light weight and easy to maintain.
1 x Chroma Key Green Gloves - One Pair

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