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Compact Produit Kit Photo Light Equipment - Backdropsource France
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Compact Produit Kit Photo Light Equipment

SKU : PPK-CP-00-000

  • €244 HT
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  • Great to use kit, used for all small products, baby apparels, toys et...
  • This kit is simple to setup and gives maximum depth of your products.
  • The light tent is an enclosed light box which helps diffusing the lights and offers a balanced light.
  • The light stand can be easily adjusted to support lighting accessories.
  • The tent reflector mounts perfectly on the tent light stand.

    Light Tent - Photography Product Equipment

     Light tent is famous in the field of photography as people want to sell their products through websites. Light tents are ideal for taking high quality photography even for an amateur.

    Light tents are made of translucent fabric, durable, neutral color to surround your product in beautiful soft light. The fabric diffuses lighting also from all sides, including thetop and bottom. Tent light makes product photography easy.

    Studio Light 0.6m tall stand

     Light stand 2ft is easy to use in both studio and product photography. It is ideally used for tungsten light, flash, strobe or monolight, etc.This is a light weight, yet very sturdy light stand for backlighting subject, or lighting the background. The stand is designed with black aluminum tubing and easy-grip knobs.

    Item Includes:
    • 1 X Light Tent 60 cm x 60 cm  
    • 3 X Tent Stands
    • 2 X 12 inch reflector with bulb
    • 1 X 25w Bulb 
    • 1 X 5 inch Reflector



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