2 Head 2000W Bicolour Led Professional Photographie Portable Studio Et Vidéo Dimmable Dual Tone Light Panel

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Can run on V-lock Battery | Has Digital Display | Dimmable Output

2000W Bicolour LED Photography Portable Studio and Video Dimmable Dual Tone Light Panel
is best for both video and photography shoots. It provides 2 Colour output at the temperature range ends. The LED will throw yellow light at 3200K and turns white at 5500K. It has the option of battery with 4 hrs (approx.) power backup for outdoor shooting. The dimmer knob enables to adjust the illumination from the LED light through variable output wattage.
Other popular solid colour backdrops are Solid White backdrop, Solid Black backdrop and Chroma Green backdrop.

2.6m Tall Studio Light Accessory Stand has application in both studio and product photography. It is the most commonly used accessory for mounting tungsten light, flash or strobe or monolight, red light and other light heads for a steady focus. The actual weight is very less, with easy handling for back lighting subject or lighting the background. The stand is designed with black aluminum tubing and easy-grip knobs.
BiColour 2000W LED Professional Video Dimmable Light
  • Illumination Distance = more than 25 feet
  • Variable colour temperature with filters to provide a colour temperature of 5500K or 3200K for shooting
  • Connects with 220V ~ 230V A/C power through an AC power adapter
  • Battery option for power backup as source for outdoor shoot
2 x 2000W Bicolour LED Light with Barn door
2 x 2.6m Tall Studio Light Stand Accessory

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