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1500W Fluorescent cool Reflector Daylight 11 " sur trépied Roues stand Kit

SKU : KIT-DO-03-000-1

  • €139 HT
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1500W Fluorescent Cool Daylight 11" Reflector on Tripod Wheels Stand Kit is a studio photography kit that provides best daylight in a controlled environment. The 11" diameter fluorescent reflector dome has specialised surface to reflect light towards a subject or scene in photography and cinematography. In still photography, reflectors are fixed to a light source to direct and shape the scattered light towards the object. This aluminium made reflector has high efficient energy saving bulbs, ideal for various photographic applications. Reflectors come with sturdy wheels and stands which are easily foldable, adjustable for convenience. These daylight are perfectly suited for key light and fill applications. The reflector is hand spun and acid etched for optimum light output. The lamp housing is a veritable powerhouse and an excellent way to achieve professional lighting effect and shoot quality photos.

  • reflector dome diameter 11 inch (27 cm)
  • E27 bulb holder
  • Tripod stand height : 2m
  • On/ Off switch connected to power cord
  • 2m power cable
  • made of aluminum, with housing vents to facilitate cooling and prolonged lamp life
  • 3 x 500W Cool Fluorescent Daylight 11" Reflector on Tripod Wheels Stand
  • Option
  • 3 x 85W Fluorescent Bulb

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